Client Love

"Havonnah speaks with wisdom and compassion, allowing me to realize what aspects of my life need refining. With her help I was able to finally make money as a blogger and build a website, while going through a divorce! I have the confidence to do anything now." 

                                                       -Jennah Kester

"There are business consultants and then there are The InnerView Advisors. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but knew nothing about press releases or getting media attention.  I have taken my career to the next level and am featured on stage regularly!"

                                                                                     - LaKiesha Michelle

"Havonnah and the team of advisors are simply amazing."

                                                              - Yolanda Kennon


Havonnah Johnson

Principal Advisor

Hey! I am Havonnah, your go-to girl for business development and personal clarity. I help women live and work bravely.  I’ve worked as a reporter and anchor at television stations across the country. After TV news I transitioned into corporate Public Relations and then learned how to improve business results for a global brand.

It all seems like a wealth of unrelated randomness, but it's me. Indeed a whirlwind, but the common thread is navigating disappointments, capitalizing on wins and doing it authentically on my terms. I want the same for you!   

What I know to be true is all experiences, quirks, failures, firings, jobs and relationships make up the whole person.  In today's game you gotta bring all of you to both your business and personal life. If you are here, it's because you are looking for a missing ingredient in your life and are ready to leap into action.

Simply put, helping YOU WIN is why I get up in the morning and exist. I believe that having a meaningful and fulfilled life doesn't happen by chance. Beautiful careers are a result being super-clear on who you are and loving what you do. I am a certified life coach who thrives on human potential. Are you raising the bar on everything you do? If not, let's talk.

Let’s chat, strategize and leverage your innate greatness to serve other humans and make some money doing it(isn't that what this is all about?) I can't wait to meet ya!



"F.E.A.R. has two meanings:

Forget Everything And Run

Face Everything And Rise"

Let's Connect

We aren’t for everyone. We are serious about your transformation but all work and no play is no fun. Let’s see if we have chemistry. The get to know you is on us-A free 30 minute clarity call.