“If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it."

Michael Jordan

Who We Are

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Havonnah Johnson


I am Havonnah, your go-to girl for business development and personal clarity. I’ve worked as a TV reporter at stations across the country then transitioned into Public Relations and Operations. I thrive on human potential. What good is an idea or business if nobody knows about it? What fun is life if you aren’t living out loud?  Let’s chat, strategize and leverage your innate greatness to serve other humans (and strengthen your business in the process!).



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Nicole Bucaro


I’m Nicole, your business un-blocker. I work thoughtfully with you to create out-of-the box business strategies that will move the needle and separate you from the competition. From organizing staff retreats to non-profit consulting, I have my hands on the pulse of every business project to make sure your InnerView experience is unparalleled. I’m a foodie and a creative who loves to empower people. Let’s design and refine your dream business together!

Peace and Light,

Nikki B.

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Rukiya Umoja


I am the Queen of research and special events.  I make magic happen by delving deep, to research and understand your industries trends and advise you on how to lead the pack and be recognized as a thought-leader and a game changer.  Creating one-of-a-kind experiences is my super power. I thrive in making sure that every detail of your projects flow through The InnerView machine with ease to ensure we exceed your expectations. 

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We've got your back

Our work and this site is designed to help you UNLEASH your inner supastar! Whatever genuinely makes you happy, creative and fulfilled is what you deserve. We help you get it.

Our sole mission is to get your happy back. A bad job or home life is like squeezing into shoes that don’t fit-it's a painful disaster. If you have a burning desire, a dream or a business idea but don't know to put it all together-our team works with you to make it happen! 

Unveil your passion and purpose to finally live a life that is divinely designed for YOU. 

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